The Boy in Blue (1986) — Every Nicolas Cage Movie

The movie It’s hard to make a boring sports movie – so long as you have some action shots of the sport being played, a montage, and a rise-fall-rise underdog plot, it’s easy to make a decently exciting (not original but whatever) movie. There’s a tension inherent in the sports movie formula, one that exists […]

The Boy in Blue (1986) — Every Nicolas Cage Movie

Peggy Sue Got Married (1986) — Every Nicolas Cage Movie

The movie Peggy Sue Got Married starts in a weird place – immediately after the opening credits, the camera zooms out from a television commercial starring “Crazy Charlie” (a makeup-aged Nicolas Cage), a zany TV salesman, and ends at a behind the back view of Peggy Sue (Kathleen Turner) looking in the mirror and getting […]

Peggy Sue Got Married (1986) — Every Nicolas Cage Movie

Moonstruck (1987) — Every Nicolas Cage Movie

The movie What is Moonstruck about? Is it about Loretta Castorini’s attempts to reverse her bad luck, to acquiesce to tradition in order to live a life of stability? Is it about the tragedy of Ronny Cammareri? It is it about the destruction of old-world traditions in the age of modernity, as exemplified by the […]

Moonstruck (1987) — Every Nicolas Cage Movie

Vampire’s Kiss (1989) — Every Nicolas Cage Movie

The movie Say what you will about Vampire’s Kiss (and I’m prepared to say a lot), but it’s not boring. No, far from it. It’s a film so unpredictable, so jarringly incoherent and tonally offbeat that you can’t help but wonder what’s going to happen next. The end result might not be something that feels […]

Vampire’s Kiss (1989) — Every Nicolas Cage Movie

Joker (2019) — Luke Atkins – Critic

It is difficult to assess a film starring Joaquin Phoenix, for he will always make it seem amazing. From Gladiator to Walk the Line to You Were Never Really Here, he turns every solid film into a masterpiece. Moreover, he makes already superb works in The Master and Her top films of their respective years. […]

Joker (2019) — Luke Atkins – Critic

Moonlight (2016) — Luke Atkins – Critic

Moonlight is easily the most impressive film I have ever seen. First of all, I’ll give you some stats to ponder. While Avatar took 10 years to make, Moonlight was filmed with only one camera in only 3 weeks. The budget was $1.5 million (274 times lower than Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides‘s […]

Moonlight (2016) — Luke Atkins – Critic

Parasite (2019) — Luke Atkins – Critic

As flawless as it is profound, Parasite is the best film of 2019. It twists through its enigmatic 2-hour tale like a dragon. It whips you, coils around, soars into the clouds, twists & turns, falls through the sky, unleashes fire upon you, and darts into the horizon with a smirk—its tail slapping your face on its way out.

Parasite (2019) — Luke Atkins – Critic

1917 (2019) — Luke Atkins – Critic

You’re stuck in the netherworld between life and death. With just a flask of water and a few cans of food at your disposal, you clutch the 8.8 pounds of your future—ready to fire it at all times. Everything you see, hear, and smell is suddenly converging. Mustard gas in the trenches. A beautiful farm, […]

1917 (2019) — Luke Atkins – Critic

Top 10 Films of the Decade — Luke Atkins – Critic

Honorable Mentions: Parasite, The Master, Ex Machina, Roma, Zero Dark Thirty, The Wind Rises, Citizenfour, Birdman, Hell or High Water, Get Out 10. Fruitvale Station (2013) Fruitvale Station is superb. Based on a true story, it’s about a day in a man’s life. Unarmed, he was killed by police at its end. Playing a real […]

Top 10 Films of the Decade — Luke Atkins – Critic

Top 10 Albums of the Decade — Luke Atkins – Critic

Honorable Mentions: Frank Ocean – Channel Orange, Lorde – Melodrama, Tame Impala – Currents, St. Vincent – St. Vincent, Beyoncé – Lemonade, Arcade Fire – The Suburbs, Grizzly Bear – Shields, Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues, Chrome Sparks – Sparks EP, Flying Lotus – You’re Dead! 10. Julien Baker – Turn Out the Lights (2017) […]

Top 10 Albums of the Decade — Luke Atkins – Critic