NYC Festival 1st Scene TV PILOT: SEEN, by Colin J. Murphy

Seen follows Caleb Jamison, a NYC writer and podcaster who is quick-witted, sensitive and has a pop culture reference at his fingertips to pull out at any moment. Basically, he is the person who slays the GIFs in a group chat. After continually taking a back seat in his own life, Caleb’s friend Sophie creates a fake profile for Caleb to make him seem like a massive success. And why not, because everything on the internet is fake anyways. After a chance encounter with a group of “elite gays” at his restaurant job, Caleb tries to integrate the group (which is helped by the fact he has one very pretty part of his body). As Caleb begins to build this fictional persona, the dissonance between who he really is and who he wants to be starts to show cracks in his personality. But, what ugliness can using instant gratification to boost your insecurities actually reveal?

Narrator: Julie Sheppard
Caleb: Steve Rizzo
Cres: Sean Ballantyne

Writer Biography – Colin J Murphy

Colin J Murphy is an NYU Tisch alum who began his writing career in TYA with pieces workshopped by the Atlantic Theater Company. Making to the transition to film, Murphy self-produced while training at UCB. Bound, Colin’s previous project, is a four part mini-series written and directed by Murphy currently streaming with over 10K views on the pilot. The action/drama follows a queer protagonist trying to find love while kicking ass. It stars Book of Mormon’s Jack Ball and features Black Lighting’s Rob Morean and The Politician’s Julia Schlaepfer. Bound has screened a part of multiple festivals and has garnered award nominations for Best LGBTQ short, Best Supporting actress for Schlaepfer and Audience Choice.

1st Scene Screenplay Reading: Breakfast In Saigon, by David Murdo & Ian Macdonald

With Saigon surrounded, the CIA, Army, and South Vietnam’s conflicted leadership waver between denial and panic, overwhelmed by the historic moment. As the Northern onslaught approaches, southern collaborators face a terrible fate as the Americans ready to leave. The bravery and insubordination of a few rogues will provide a tenuous and temporary lifeline, and demonstrate the sheer power of the human condition.

Narrator: Kyana Teresa
Ed Daly: Bill Poulin
Bruce Dunning: Geoff Mays

Winning Feature Screenplay Reading: PICK, by Bernard Riedhammer

After his wife’s death, a neurotic workaholic must find the will to live again, in order to take care of his son and a teenage punk girl, who suddenly appears on his doorstep.


Narrator: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
Ian: San Ballantyne
Tom & Various: Bill Poulin
Jeff & Freddy & Various: Shawn Devlin
Rachel & Martha & Various: Val Cole
Helen & Various: Hannah Ehman

Unlocked Short Film, Audience FEEDBACK from Oct. 2020 Feedback Film Festival

UNLOCKED, 16min., Canada, Drama/Experimental

Directed by Isorine Marc, Charmaine Kachibaia

“Unlocked: A Flow of Colourful Connections in Lockdown” is a short film/art video that captures the personal journey of eleven women from The Esplanade neighbourhood, downtown Toronto, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

8 Daves A Week Short Film, Audience FEEDBACK from Oct. 2020 Feedback Film Festival

8 DAVES A WEEK, 20min., USA, Drama/Comedy

Directed by Philip Zimmerman

Dave wakes up on April 1st 2019 over and over again. Every time the day repeats, a new version of himself, a new Dave, is generated. Soon, there are numerous Daves running amok, despairing at their mysterious metaphysical trap.

From Heaven Is Cali Short Film, Audience FEEDBACK from Oct. 2020 Feedback Film Festival

FROM HEAVEN IS CALI, 12min., Columbia Documentary/Drama

Directed by Christaan Felber

In the Southwest of Colombia, there is a city where salsa dancing exists in a form that is unique in its boldness and energy, yet pure in its tradition and style. Cali, known as the world’s salsa dancing capital, and its people (referred to as Caleños) own this iconic dancing style. The city has been the muse of many salsa musicians, making it the subject of illustrative songs that tell the story of the “salsa Caleña” style as a symbol of an entire culture. Salsa Caleña is not only danced but consumed with a burst of energy, joy, and sentimentality that brightens the streets of Cali whenever there’s salsa music playing. From professional salsa dancers and musicians to nightclub owners and costume designers, “From Heaven is Cali” (whose title is taken from the famous salsa/Cali anthem “Cali Pachenguero” by Grupo Niche), explores the relationships between this unique art-form and the people whose lives are inter­woven into a culture that has become synonymous with the city of Cali.

In Memoriam Short Film, Audience FEEDBACK from Oct. 2020 Feedback Film Festival

IN MEMORIAM, 9min., Greece, Drama/Sci-FI
Directed by Dimitrios Karas
Ariadne, a member of an anti-government covert resistance group, is captured and interrogated by an intelligence agent. As Ariadne refuses to reveal information about her group, the agent threatens to erase her memories about her identity and personal life.

Pain Is The Agent Of Change Short Film, Audience Feedback from Oct. 2020 FEEDBACK Film Festival

Directed by Tristien Marcellous Winfree
After months following his brothers death. Julian questions his upbringings on how to process pain in life. “What if being strong isn’t an option?”

October 2020 New York Feedback Festival – Highlights and Videos


Theme of night: Desire to evolve and change

NOTE: Festival took place during the COVID-19 virus lockdown so all screenings were held in private.

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Videos:

festival posterPAIN IS THE AGENT OF CHANGE, 13min., USA, Drama

festival posterIN MEMORIAM, 9min., Greece, Drama/Sci-FI

festival posterFROM HEAVEN IS CALI, 12min., Columbia Documentary/Drama

festival poster8 DAVES A WEEK, 20min., USA, Drama/Comedy

festival posterUNLOCKED, 16min., Canada, Drama/Experimental

festival posterTHE DECISIVE MOMENT, 21min., France, Romance

festival posterI’M PRESS, 9mim., USA, Romance/Comedy

festival posterOUR FATHER, 15min., USA, Drama/Romance

The beginning of a (temporary) new era.

See you at the festivals. Whenever that happens!

– Matthew Toffolo

Short Film: UNLOCKED, 16min., Canada, Drama/Experimental


17d6b63631 poster

“Unlocked: A Flow of Colourful Connections in Lockdown” is a short film/art video that captures the personal journey of eleven women from The Esplanade neighbourhood, downtown Toronto, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the Spring of 2020, eleven women were asked to express artistically how months of isolation has affected their sense of identity. In answering the question, “what is left of me,” each participant, multi-generational and all residents of the Esplanade community, was paired with a professional artist to assists them in the creation process.

An abstract symphony of thoughts, emotions, and reflection, Unlocked offers a window into the emotional lives of women. From isolated days that connected them with close family, to sleepless nights which drew them to take a closer look inward, to a new relation to time that led them to dive into forgotten interests, these stories invite the viewer to contemplate how the pandemic has impacted each of us differently.

Filmed entirely in the Esplanade neighbourhood – in the middle of the road, in a living room, under balconies, in the park – these interwoven stories express feelings of joy and comfort, melancholy and hope, loss and love through poetry, song, dance, sculpture, painting and photography.

A project produced in partnership with Canadian Stage, and supported by Canada Council for the Arts and Toronto Arts Council.

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