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COLD STUN, 5min., USA, Documentary

Directed by Marvi Lacar, Benjamin Lowy

On February 14, 2021, a winter storm hit Texas. Met with freezing temperatures combined with a disabled power grid, a small organization fought to save the lives of thousands of cold stunned sea turtles that would have otherwise frozen to death and drowned. With the help of a community of volunteers, Sea Turtle, Inc. sheltered around 5500 sea turtles during the largest cold stun event in recorded US history.

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THE LIVING SEA, 15min., Hong Kong, Documentary

Directed by Ema Poposka

We are the only planet with oceans, and they are indispensable for our survival. However, many people are unaware of the importance of ocean creatures and how to protect them. This is because they don’t really see them every day. Sea creatures are just lunch or dinner or an ingredient in cosmetics. Young scuba diver Ema Poposka believes if people could see the beauty of the ocean and of the corals, they will change their minds about sea protection. This inspired her to join Action for a Cause to produce a documentary film about Hong Kong corals. Ema’s aim with the documentary film made by kids is to raise awareness about the uniqueness of Hong Kong corals, the need to start taking care of corals, and how we can do this in our everyday life. This documentary was made by a crew of 12-15 year old students.

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Directed by William Freund

It is often said that we must tolerate wildlife, but what happens if we learn to thrive with them instead? What can this mean for the wildlife? What can it mean for the people of Florida? And what can it mean for the endangered Florida panther? Wildlife in Our Backyard shows us some of the problems facing the wildlife as well as the hope of a brighter future as we learn to share the landscape with them.

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Fat ducks mean fat cattle – water for the environment, 7min., Australia, Documentary

Directed by Stuart Cohen

After the devastating drought of 2017-2020, the internationally significant Macquarie Marshes in Central Northern NSW was in need of help. Government agencies working with community provided a much needed allocation of water which was sent down the Macquarie River to replenish the marshes and its spectacular wetland habitat.

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Directed by Mike Morash

The Nuu-chah-nulth First Nations of Vancouver Island, BC are decolonizing indigenous education. They are integrating language, tradition, and land-based skills into their school curriculum to save their culture from the brink of extinction and offer a different future for the next generations.

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WALKING EACH OTHER HOME, 22min., USA, Documentary

Directed by Denea Buckingham

This documentary shows in vivid detail the lives of captive elephants in Laos and the plight of those in the wild, educating the viewer on how these magnificent animals should be cared for and how people can advocate for this endangered species protection and conservation. Several wildlife nonprofits are represented with speakers and local Lao mahouts or elephant caregivers who share their intimate insights.

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