Ridley Scott’s “Black Hawk Down” (2001) — THE DIRECTORS SERIES

Still riding high off the success of GLADIATOR (2000), director Ridley Scott found his filmmaking services more in demand than ever, jumping from one production to the next with barely a beat between them to catch his breath. His name had become synonymous with both awards prestige and financial success, so naturally every producer in […]

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Ridley Scott’s “Matchstick Men” (2003) — THE DIRECTORS SERIES

Notable Festivals: Venice Shortly after the conclusion of his ambitious anti-war/pro-military action drama, BLACK HAWK DOWN (2001), director Sir Ridley Scott began development on another ambitious effort titled TRIPOLI. Written by William Monaghan of THE DEPARTED (2006) fame, TRIPOLI was to be a sweeping period epic in the vein of GLADIATOR (2000), whereby Russell Crowe […]

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Ridley Scott’s “Kingdom Of Heaven” (2005) — THE DIRECTORS SERIES

The cinematic landscape is littered with the ruins of would-be classics, embarked upon by well-intentioned filmmakers who nevertheless couldn’t rise to the task. As much as we like to attribute a technical or industrial quality to the act of filmmaking, we tend to forget its volatile and unpredictable nature as an artistic medium. Indeed, each […]

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Ridley Scott’s “A Good Year” (2006) — THE DIRECTORS SERIES

At sixty-nine years of age, and with fourteen feature films under his belt, director Ridley Scott had seemingly done everything there was to do. He had directed lavish historical epics, groundbreaking science fiction adventures, pulpy action thrillers, and even the occasional fleet-footed caper or two. There was perhaps one blind spot left— one that nobody […]

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Ridley Scott’s “American Gangster” (2007) — THE DIRECTORS SERIES

The gangster picture is a time-honored staple of American cinema, equivalent to to the western in terms of cultural influence and popularity. The long, rich history of the genre stretches from early pulp like Howard Hawks’ SCARFACE (1932) to modern classics like Martin Scorsese’s GOODFELLAS (1990). Whereas the western’s straightforward ethical values typically boil down […]

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Ridley Scott’s “Body Of Lies” (2008) — THE DIRECTORS SERIES

The 2000’s were a period of peak productivity for director Sir Ridley Scott, with the venerated filmmaker cranking out no less than nine feature films before the decade would come to a close. It’s exceedingly rare for any artist, let alone one capable of commanding massive, logistically-complicated productions, to experience a sustained burst of creative […]

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Terrence Malick’s Google: “Pixel 3” Commercial (2018) — THE DIRECTORS SERIES

When director Terrence Malick’s commercial for Mon Guerlain fragrance arrived in 2017, many were quite surprised that the venerated, almost-mythic filmmaker could (and would) stoop to a supposedly “lower” format such as advertising. Its very existence seemed antithetical to Malick’s artistic creed— a product generated for the benefit of a corporate entity, rather than a […]

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Ridley Scott’s “Robin Hood” (2010) — THE DIRECTORS SERIES

Notable Festivals: Cannes If mainstream American cinema in the 21st century has been marked by any one dominant trend, it is this: intellectual property. As studio budgets soar ever higher, necessitating inflated ticket prices at the box office, producers have found they need to hedge their creative bets in order to draw increasingly choosy audiences. […]

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Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus” (2012) — THE DIRECTORS SERIES

My first brush with Sir Ridley Scott in the physical world was in 2008, when I glimpsed him leading a march of collaborators across the sterile boulevard of Warner Brother’s New York backlot. Little did I know then that it wouldn’t be the last time I would come so close to his orbit. Three years […]

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Ridley Scott’s “The Martian” (2015) — THE DIRECTORS SERIES

Notable Festivals: Toronto International Film Festival As long as we’ve known of its existence, Mars has captivated our imaginations. For centuries, we’ve looked up to that reddish orb in the night sky and wondered what revelations await us there. Subsequent explorations have brought its mysteries into clearer focus, inflating our desire to set foot […]

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